Assign Minitek Discussions Category to com_content item? Pending



I have pre sales question.


We have hundreds items in com_content.

We need to integrate Questions & Answers for each item.

For example, we have item "BMW X5".

So, we want to display button "Ask question about BMW X5" on this page.

Also, if we already have questions for item "BMW X5" we should display list of recent questions on item page.


The question is: "Is it possible to do this with Minitek Discussions?"...


I know only one method:

We creating category "BMW X5" in Minitek Discussions.

Next step - adding link to this category from com_content item using extra field.

Then, we creating Minitek Discussions module with latest questions and we paste this module on com_content item item page.


But in case we have several hundreds com_content items, we should create several hundreds Minitek Discussions modules and manually create several hundreds links.

This is unreal.


Is it possible to assign Minitek Discussions categories to com_content items?


May be you already have solution how to make it with your component.


This is what I'm talking about:




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Hi there,

I will consider it for the future. At the moment it's not possible to add this feature as there are other things to add with higher priority.

Answered 3 months ago  •  by Yannis

Hello Yannis!

Can you answer, when it possible?

I should know if I can wait or I need to search another solution.


Answered 3 months ago  •  by romagromov

Yes, it's very useful feature.

Thousands sites use this method. But there is no any Joomla Questions & Answers component with this feature.

I think you should create plugin that will work in this way:

User creates article and plugin creates Minitek Discussions category. Also plugin displays link in article to Minitek Discussions category and latest questions from this category.

So users can ask questions about article.


However, it is a very good idea and I will definitely consider adding this feature in one of the next updates.

Can you tell the approximate date of implementing this feature?

Answered 3 months ago  •  by romagromov

Hi there,

At the moment there is no way to integrate com_content articles with Specific Minitek Discussions Topics, neither there is Minitek Discussions Module.

However, it is a very good idea and I will definitely consider adding this feature in one of the next updates.

Answered 3 months ago  •  by Yannis

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