Crazy website and pricing! Pending


OK, I'm trying to arrange for a license for Minitek Wall Pro. Have been using the vanilla version for awhile. 

  • I click "Upgrade to Pro" on our website's Minitek Panel
  • I see what I want for 19.99 euros or something

But if I log in to your web site under "Subscriptions"  I see single extension pricing for 14.99 euros. 

  • I click "Select Joomla Extension"
  • There is no Minitek Wall Pro to select

Can you explain what is going on and which pricing is correct?


30 views  •  Asked 3 weeks ago  •  by Pierre

1  Answer

Hi there,

In the Subscriptions page, licenses for single extensions start from €14.99. This is the starting price for some of our extensions. Minitek Wall Pro starts from €19.99.

When you click on the "Select Joomla Extension" button, you are redirected to the Extensions page. You then click on the one that you are interested in and see the respective price.

Answered 3 weeks ago  •  by Yannis

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