FAQBookPro 3.6.9 - how to translate FAQs using Falang Pending


I have been using FAQBookPro 3.6.9 and need to make my FAQs available in French (currently in English), realised that I have not seen any document (how-to) on translation features of FAQBookPro. Our site uses Falang to manage the translation, so is FAQBookPro compatible with it? Please advice as this will impact our decision of renewing our subscription. Thank you.

27 views  •  Asked 3 weeks ago  •  by Duksh Koonjoobeeharry

1  Answer

Hi there,

I don't know if the latest version of FAQ Book is compatible with Falang as I have never used Falang. You must ask the developer of Falang whether they support FAQ Book.

Answered 2 weeks ago  •  by Yannis

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