Compatibility WP 5.1+ / still under active development? Pending


Dear Sir or Madam,


we've already used the Minitek Wall as Joomla Plugin, but we are now migrating our site over to WP.

I would like to use your WP component as well, as it worked perfectly for our needs under Joomla. 

But I'm a bit puzzled now, as the WP Plugin repository states, that the Minitek Wall plugin hasn't been tested with the last 3 major releases.


Could you please clarify on this? Is this Plugin testet with WP V5+ or do i have to expect compatibility problems?

Are you still maintaining the Minitek Wall Plugin?


Thanks in advance!




95 views  •  Asked 4 months ago  •  by Martin

1  Answer


Hi Martin,

The plugin is still maintained for WordPress. The current version should work fine on Wordpress 5.x.

Answered 4 months ago  •  by Yannis

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