Certificate of residence Resolved


Could you provide "the certificate of residence", which is a document providing your tax residence?

This document is a prove that you deduct your taxes in your caountry and I need it on behalf of this agreement (Polish-English version):


in your language: http://www.finanse.mf.gov.pl/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=7129644f-29ed-49ca-a8a6-c3429179364e&groupId=766655


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I contacted Avangate and received from them document I need. So, my case is resolved.

Answered 2 years ago  •  by Kamil Sawoń

Ok, I will do so.

Answered 2 years ago  •  by Kamil Sawoń

Hi there,

For payment related issues, please contact our authorized reseller Avangate at support@avangate.com. They handle all transactions on our behalf.

Answered 2 years ago  •  by Yannis

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