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I received the request to renew Minitek Wall from Avangate. It tells me that I will no longer be able to use the component unless it is renewed. I have bought many components for Joomla and when the subscription expires I can not download the updates but I can use the component. I look forward to hearing from you

"Thank you for using Minitek products!
We send this message to remind you that your subscription to Minitek Wall Pro - Standard subscription expires on 2017-07-01. You will not be able to continue using your product unless you renew your subscription before the expiration date.

Best regards

Emilio Scognamiglio


557 views  •  Asked 2 years ago  •  by emilio scognamiglio

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OK, thank you very much

Best regards

Emilio Scognamiglio

Answered 2 years ago  •  by emilio scognamiglio

Hi Emilio,

That was an automated message from our partner Avangate. Obviously the text in the automated message is wrong, I will correct this asap.

Of course, you can use the extension forever, you don't need to renew your subscription.

Answered 2 years ago  •  by Yannis

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