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Unsure about Extension Usage Guidelines

Ian JohnsonPosted 7 years ago

I purchased Responsive Grid for Articles at a purchase price of Euro15.99 which was for a Standard Subscription. In the pricing grid for the product the following is stated

  • One Time Payment - ticked
  • Use Extension forever - ticked
  • Access to downloads - 2 months
  • Access to support - 2 months
  • Support limited to - 1 domain
  • Special discounts and coupons - ticked
  • Renewal discount - 20%

I have just received a renewal email stating that if I do not renew I will not be able to continue to use the extension. I need to know if the extension will stop working unless I renew.  The email states the following

Dear Ian Johnson,
Thank you for using Minitek products!
We're sending this message to remind you that Joomla! Extensions - Standard Subscriptionsubscription will expire on 2017-05-07. You will not be able to continue using your product unless you renew your subscription before its expiration date.

1 answer

MinitekPosted 7 years agoModerator

Hi there,

You can use the extension forever. Only the subscription expires, this means that you won't have access to updates and support, but you can use the product for as long as you like even after the subscription has expired.

There seems to be an error in the notification email text, I will correct the error asap.