How does FAQ Book interact with Discussion Forum?

Richard HorobinPosted 5 months ago

I’ve looked at several FAQ offerings, and most of them are “Accordion” text displays only. They require me to guess the FAQs and anticipate the answers.  Yours is the only one to mention an attached discussion forum. 

Your own site uses your own products, which is also a major positive reinforcement of your product quality.

The FAQ-Discussion Forum link I s obviously your major differentiator and you should emphasise this to push your product to lead the market. 

Does the discussion forum drive the FAQ list? Where do you describe this? How do I make it work?


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MinitekPosted 5 months agoModerator

Hi there,

The Pro version of Minitek FAQ Book is very flexible and allows you to create discussion forums, contact forms as well as separate Q&A sections.

You can see more details in the documentation.

You can also see a few different demos at Demos.

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