Minitek Smart Search, Minitek Wall and Content Notifications

HervePosted 7 months ago


I have asked a question 2 times for several days and I have no answer. I feel like I have a problem with your site.
Could you check / validate my email for downloading content notification
I renovuelels my questions quite urgent by adding a new

Minitek Smart Search
1 / I want to know if I will be able to search by tag, custom field on articles (com_content) and contacts (com_contact) at the same time?
2 / Will that use the finder for the next version of Joomla 4?

and Content Notifications
3 / would subscription to a category (or tag) of dpCalendar be possible, then that it is 100% joomla compatible?

Minitek Wall

4 / is it possible to display in the thumbnail of the mansory article custom fields ACF (video, soundclound), Econa (image)



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YannisPosted 7 months agoModerator

Hi there,

1. You can search by tag (articles and contacts), but not by custom field.

2. Yes, it will use the finder in Joomla 4.

3. No, the component does not support dpCalendar.

4. No, Minitek Wall does not support these components, but you can create a template override and add them your self.

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