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Reseller inquiry

Eddie LeePosted 1 year ago

hi, we are SI and reseller from Malaysia.


Do you have a reseller plan?


If you do not have one, can we subscribe on behalf of our clients?


Just FYI, we do not want to be an affiliate, this way can't work.

The reason is that our clients need to procure via vendor. in this case, we will need to purchase on their behalf.



Due to the procurement policy, our clients can't subscribe and pay for your plan via credit card directly, they must go through vendors to subscribe and pay on their behalf.


We will register and subscribe using the end user’s email, and pay using our credit card. The account is still under end user.


Kindly let me know whether this is feasible. 


Otherwise, we will need to propose another solution to the customer.


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MinitekPosted 1 year agoModerator

Hi there,

No, unfortunately reselling is not an option.

But you can purchase on behalf of your clients if you want.