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Migrated J3.10 to J4.1 and wanted to add the latest content Notifications but adding latest then says its not in the dashboard

Philip WaltonPosted 9 months agoEdited 9 months ago
Content Notifications - Professional Subscription

Hi I added the latest of the component the system plugin and content plugin, they are all different numbers.

4.2.0 Stable Joomla 4 Component
4.1.3 Stable Joomla 4 System - Content Notifications
4.0.2 Beta Joomla 4 Content - Content Notifications

Migrated J3.10 to J4.1 and wanted to add the latest content Notifications but adding latest then says its not in the dashboard.

Then I go to the dashboard and get this image I have uploaded.

I am logged in to minitek and have an account for the pro version of the product but the link gives me a 403 and the other link to the 

content notification gives a 404

What should I be using as there a 3 download types in the content notificatiosn download area 


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MinitekPosted 9 months agoModerator

Hi there,

You need to install all 3 extensions (component, system plugin and content plugin).

Please try the following links:


System plugin

Content plugin

Philip WaltonPosted 9 months ago

Thanks..I did install all 3 the first time. I just tried in a different order the 3 I had downloaded yesterday, Component, content adn system plugin and doing them in a different order has removed one of the notices but the system plugin is still saying its missing. I have downloaded it from your link (its exactly the same as the one I tried yesterday) and it still says

You have not installed the Minitek System Messages plugin. Popup notifications will not work.

I,ve tried 5 times.

Please feel free to add it yourself so you can confirm the issue. I have a full backup and its a development site.

Yesterday when I added all 3 and today, every time it says that they installed correctly at the instillation dashboard, just says they are not installed in the minitek content notifications dashboard

MinitekPosted 9 months agoModerator

This is a separate plugin for the popup messages. You don't need to install it but it is recommended. You can download it from the following links:

Free version:

Minitek System Messages - Free

Pro version (requires Minitek System Messages subscription):

Minitek System Messages - Pro