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Displaying Sections seem empty

VincentPosted 8 months ago
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First, thanks for your great component.

When I create a "Section" menu entry, the page display at the left all the topics of this section.

But the page seems empty, nothing in the center of the page.

Is it possible to make it better ? Something like : Topics at the left and questions at the center/bottom ?

Thanks in adavance


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MinitekPosted 8 months agoModerator

Hi Vincent,

By default, a section content area should be empty. But you can add anything you want to it, Topics, Questions or even custom content.

Have you created any topics with questions for this section?

MinitekPosted 8 months agoModerator

For example, in our FAQ page, I am diplaying questions in the section content area.

VincentPosted 8 months ago


Yes I have question

How do you add Topics, Questions or even custom content ?

MinitekPosted 8 months agoModerator

1. Go to the component dashboard in the back-end.

2. Click on Sections.

3. Open the section (click on the title).

Adding Questions from specific topic:

Go to tab Options, in the field Show questions, select Active topic. Next, in the field Active topic, select the topic that you want to display in the home page.

Adding Questions from all topics:

Go to tab Options, in the field Show questions, select All topics.

Adding Custom content:

Go to tab General, and enter your custom content in the field Description. Next, go to tab Options and enable the field Section description.

VincentPosted 7 months ago

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a very good week! :)

MinitekPosted 7 months agoModerator

You're welcome.