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Do you have a quick start guide?

Shorecrest Tech SupportPosted 11 months ago
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I would like to setup FAQ book pro to evaluate as a possible publication solution for Policies and Procedures. I would like to set it up similar to the way that you have setup your demo site. Do you have a quick start guide that would assist in setting this up?

In other words some high level steps:

-How to setup the sections, topics, questions

-How to publish the sections, topics, questions



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MinitekPosted 11 months agoModerator

Hi there,

You can find a lot of information in the documentation, even though it's not really a quick-start guide.

Of course, I'm willing to help you set it up the way you want.

You can start by creating a single section, and then creating some 1st level topics in it.

Shorecrest Tech SupportPosted 11 months ago


I had some hopefully quick follow up questions:

1.) Can NEW topics/sub-topics be added from the front end?

2.) Can EXISTING topics/sub-topics be edited from the front end?

3.) It looks like you have "disabled" questions for your documentation site. Is this correct?

4.) You are publishing a menu item type of Topic for each of your Joomla extensions? How do I remove the "Browse Topics" header?

See screenshot1 attached

Please see screenshot2 for additional clarifications on how you configured your documentation site.

Additionally...can your "notifications" extension integrate with the FAQ book? It would be a nice feature to allow our users to be notified if content was modified.

Is there a "Print" feature on the front end where users could print an entire section or topic?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

MinitekPosted 11 months agoModerator


1 & 2. No, topics and sections can only be created/edited from the back-end.

3. That's correct. I have disabled questions and I'm using the topics as articles.

4. No, actually each Joomla Extension in the documentation is a separate Section, with its own unique Section menu item.

(screenshot1) So, in the top navigation, Joomla Extensions is a Sections menu item (selected at Section > Navigation > Sections menu item) and Minitek FAQ Book is the current section.

In the left navigation, these are topics of the current section.

And the Topic content is indeed created in the "Edit Topic" general tab.

You can hide the "Browse Topics" link at Section > Navigation > Browse Topics link.

5. No, unfortunately the Notifications component does not integrate with FAQ Book, but it's in my plans.

6. No, there is no print functionality for the front-end.