How do you setup the Questions so that it shows as FAQ

Edane BartonPosted 9 months agoEdited 9 months ago




Current my questions show the full content, rather than the first 30 characters. How do I set it up so that it shows  the first 30 words/character then expand down to show the remaining content similar to

Within the SECTIONS, I set the following options under QUESTIONS:

Show open: No
Votes: Hide
Questrion link: Show
Answer count: Hide
State labels: Hide
Image: Hide
Content: Show
Content Limit: 30

I changed the content to hide or show and it still doesn't give me the accordion option (desire effect).


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Edane BartonPosted 9 months ago

Thanks. Appreciate it. Will go back to the developer to have them resolve this issue.

MinitekPosted 9 months agoModerator

Hi there,

Your settings are correct, but there is some custom css that is creating a problem. Please remove the following css from your custom.css file:

#fbExtended .qFaqItem_answer {
  display: block !important;