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Please help with a couple of small config things

Net-ConfigPosted 1 year ago

Hi there,

After several hours of configuring and setting up Sections, Topics, menu items, font awesome icons, etc., I am in a nice place with FAQ Book here.

I removed EasyDiscuss due to concerns about the long-term viability, the endless configuration options, and the overly complex templating, CSS, Foundry libraries, etc.

Setting up FAQ Book requires that you get the structuring all straight in your head, but once you see the overall design approach, it actually offers a remarkable level of options for configuration, display, and behavior fine-tuning!

In short, I am very happy with where I am at now and believe that once you have the right setup in place, FAQ Book will be very low maintenance in usage. With EasyDiscuss, I felt that I was always tinkering to get it to fit with the rest of my site and FAQ Book is "plain and simple" on the presentation side, but very strong on the setup side at every level of the tool - so awesome.

I have 4 small things to ask about or report here:

1) when a user presses the Ask Question button and the editor loads, there is a Status bar with the normal Joomla options for Published, Unpublished, etc.

How do I hide or remove that area from the editor? I am using JCE Core and I see that you use Tiny MCE. I looked at the TinyMCE options also, but I cannot figure out where to turns off this Status bar item.


2) Is there a description or can you write a simple one to show how I can duplicate your TinyMCE editor setup on my FAQ Book installation?

I like how you have configured the details of your TinyMCE editor and the surrounding warnings, questions, sanity checks, etc. 

I will not need to cover all the details of the Minitek Question Form, but it would be great to see how you set up the Help Center one.

I realize doing this, if it does not already exist, creates work, but it seems this would be most useful and valuable for anyone considering FAQ Book, etc.


3)The names switch on the My Questions and Answers navigation, including here in this Help Center.

When I go to the My Questions page on my site and here in the Help Center, it starts with a display of the User Name.

It switches to the Real Name when you click on the side navigation for either Questions or Answers.

It seems that when you set the Display Name config to the User Name, that these My Profile navigation elements should be in sync with that.

Am I overlooking something anywhere, or is this a bug?

I have a menu item, and moved it around as a top-level or child below the Sections menu item, but none of that makes a difference.

I think it is confusing to the user to see both names show up and would like it to be the "forum name", which is the User Name, normally speaking.


4) The height of the Top Navigation section is not consistent on my site and varies from ~ 64 - 66 px, which makes the separator line move a little.

I added a custom CSS setting to put it at 68px so that it stays solidly in one place no matter what navigation is happening.

I have the Ask Question at the top of the Navigation area and not at the Topic level.

I cannot see the same thing here in this Help Center, but I noticed it is happening on mine and confirmed it with developer tools that there was a 2px type shift happening, and also when the View Profile button was active.

This is, of course, all minor stuff, but I wanted to report it as I want all "areas and lines" to stay in a specific spot and not wiggle.


Appreciate your thoughts on these 4 items!










4 answers

MinitekPosted 1 year agoEdited 1 year agoModerator

I'm really glad to hear that you appreciate the component. A significant amount of effort has gone into creating its overall functionality. While the numerous parameters may seem daunting at first, as you mentioned, they actually provide the component with a high degree of flexibility.

1. The status bar in the question form is visible only to moderators, and more specifically only to those moderators who have permission to Edit State. You can configure this permission in the component global configuration. Registered users will not be able to see it unless they have permission to edit state.

2. In the Minitek Question form, I have added the following elements:

a. I have added some custom HTML at the top of the form. This can be done with the section parameter: Section > Options > Question Form pre-text. I have added the following custom HTML:

b. I have also created some custom fields and have assigned them to specific topics. You can create your own custom fields by clicking on the Custom Fields button in the component dashboard.

3. The profile page (My Questions/My Answers) has a separate parameter to control the user name. You can find it at the component Configuration > Profile > Author name.

4. I could not find any problem with this. I'll keep looking. Probably some css detail that is template-specific.

One other thing I have noticed is that if you go to and the click on Discussions at the top navigation, the topic image disappears. This happens if you are using relative urls for images.

Instead of relative urls, try using absolute urls or root-relative urls (urls that are relative but start with a forward slash '/').

MinitekPosted 1 year agoModerator

Also, please provide me a with a working back-end login as I will try to fix the dropdown button today.

Net-ConfigPosted 1 year ago


Thanks for the responses - will read items 1-3 later.

Re #4, access is active again - sorry about that - had it turned off but is now back on.



Net-ConfigPosted 1 year ago

Hi again,

Checked the other responses - thanks for the detail!

#1 - yes, changed Edit State to not allowed - all good.

#2 - thanks for the details for the form - will decide how to add some of these to enrich my setup

#3 - changed the Profile setting to Author Name and now the names for Questions and Answers are consistent and show the author name. Still think that when User Name is selected, that the User Name should show on the Profile info for the Qs and Answers by that user. That reinforces the concept of their name of the forum.

#4 - as confirmed, your access to the LD site is active. I see you have not logged on since you tried earlier today. Will leave it on until you let me know it is no longer needed!


BTW, I am going to leave positive reviews on JED for FAQ Book and the other extensions here this week.

People need to know how much these can enhance their Joomla website.

VERY impressed with FAQBook, after I made the effort to spend the time with it!

Definitely no more anxiety about "what forum software should I go with". The choice is very clear!


Much thanks.