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Smart Search Plugin for Answers? Turning off Smart Search for Author?

Net-ConfigPosted 1 year ago

Hi again,

I should have realized when I loaded the Smart Search plugins, but how are Answers covered?

When I search for a word in an Answer, there is no result.

Is this how it should be?

It seems that indexing the answers to questions is equally important for a forum application of FAQ Book.

I can see for an FAQ or Help Center, that you want to keep the results clean with only Question results, similar to how I have recommended a Titles Only for Joomla content.

Please advise.


I am also curious about any option to turn off the indexing of Authors in SmartSearch.

When I picture a large forum application with thousands of Members, like what you have here, there would be endless numbers of Authors in the Content Maps.

Is indexing on the Author necessary to see the user's own Questions and Answers?

Look forward to your insights regarding this!


Many thanks - these are all "small things" in a context of a very nice forum setup now, with ZERO conflicts with template stuff, etc.

All looks very fitting and natural.



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MinitekPosted 1 year agoModerator

Hi there,

No, answer are not covered.

It's in my plans though. I can't give an ETA for that as I'm currently very very busy and I can hardly keep up with the support requests.

Net-ConfigPosted 1 year ago

Understand there is no ETA for an FAQAnswers Smart Search plugin.

It would round out the content coverage for FAQBook with SS, so would be really nice.


Net-ConfigPosted 10 months agoEdited 10 months ago

Hi again, hope all is well.

I'm curious if you have an update on the possibility of having a Smart Search plugin for FAQBook Answers?

I was working on further updates to my site and realized again that currently, no Answers content is indexed / available in Minitek Live Search.



MinitekPosted 10 months agoModerator


No, not yet. I'll look into this from September, when I'm back from holidays.