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Change the word "Search" in the search box to a customized text

Net-ConfigPosted 11 months ago
Joomla! Extensions - Professional Subscription

Hi there, I am wanting to use as many Minitek extensions as possible because you are clearly supporting Joomla 4 going forward, unlike other publishers of Joomla software.

On the Minitek Live Search side, I like how easy it is to set it up, the results display is fine, etc. I'm also looking at the Minitek Smart Search component again, but have an issue there that I will ask about in its section on the forum here.

I need to use TWO modules of Minitek LiveSearch, so I can provide Public users (Guest level technically) a limited search function in One article category only. Active Subscribers have access to full search across ALL categories when logged in as a active subscriber.

This is all "normal Joomla stuff" but I cannot figure out how to display a different text in the search box for the Public version, so I can clarify right there it is limited to just the one category.


I looked in the language overrides but cannot find the "Search" text and besides, I need it to be custom for the one Public level module only.

Is it possible to replace the text in the manner described here??

It is very easy in the module configuration for Minitek Smart Search, but not clear for Live Search!



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Net-ConfigPosted 11 months ago

Figured out it was a normal language override and made it work.