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Aligning Hits display on bottom of Detail Box

Net-ConfigPosted 8 months ago

Hi there, is there an easy way to consistently align the Hits information on the bottom of the Detail box, or can you add this as a feature?


Currently, the Hits info is a p element that ends up in a location that is influenced by the content LENGTH of the number of words that are displayed per the Settings.

Given that the total content length based on the number of words can vary, the Hits info is not systematically displayed in the same location.


I checked this Forum to see if this question was asked before, but am not seeing a discussion or solution.

I also tried some simple CSS stuff, but could not see a quick option.


Given that you are calculating the boxes to have consistent dimensions on a row, I would also like to see the Hits information on one line in each row, for the best visual experience.

As an added bonus, it would even be nicer if there can be a setting for Left, Center or Right alignment, but that is really just a minor deal.


All of this is just nice to have, but I wanted to ask.

Thanks much for any tips or feature enhancements!



2 answers

MinitekPosted 7 months agoModerator

Hi there,

You can easily do this with css. For example:

.mwall-hits {
  position: absolute;
  bottom: 0;

There are already too many configuration options in the back-end and I have to be very careful about adding more.

Net-ConfigPosted 7 months ago

Good morning and thanks for the tip.


After playing around, I was able to actually use CSS to define the "heights" for the Title and Desc areas, so that the Hits are aligned and the Desc text above it also.

The core issue was the variable length, despite the char cutoffs, causing an extra line to be needed for either the Title or the Desc text.


So adding:

.mwall-title {



.mwall-desc {