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Article URL's and SEO?

Martin BeaumontPosted 1 year ago
Content Notifications - Professional Subscription

Hi there,

Firstly thanks for this great extension, works well and easy to use.

One problem I'm struggling with however is how Minitek wall "creates" URL's (and I think this might be my problem!)

I've created a few layouts, populated with my articles however when I click on either the article title or the Read More I get routed back to the Home page?

This happens on both a Wall created by a Module or by a Menu link to a Widget.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks



1 answer

MinitekPosted 1 year agoModerator

Hi Martin

Minitek Wall does not create links for the items. The extension will only use the existing links that are found in your website. Therefore, if the links in the extension are not correct, this means that you have not configured your menu items properly.

You must create a menu item for each one of the items categories. For example, if the extension displays Joomla articles, you must create a menu item for each Joomla category.

Note that if you assign the wall module to the above category menu items, you will still see the module when opening an article page since you are still on the same menu item.