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Duplicate category names in filter - this did not happen in J3 version

Net-ConfigPosted 7 months ago
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I migrated over to J4 and now have a problem with the display of category names in the filter list. I have a category structure with 5 sections that each have the same internal subcategory structure. In J3, when I included topics from all 5 sections, the category names were deduplicated and only 1 showed in the filter list. In the J4 version, while it is technically correct that subcategories with the same name are distinct sets, I don't want them to show 5 times and confuse the user.

Is there a way to not display categories with the same name somehow?


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MinitekPosted 7 months agoModerator

Please send me a specific link where I can see the issue.

Net-ConfigPosted 7 months ago

Here you go:


Just as the Minitek Live Search needed a workaround, my workaround here is to use Minitek Wall only for the IT Basics category and Responsive Articles Grid for all IT Topics.


Visual IT Dashboard = Responsive Grid, all articles, no duplication of category names across sections, normally Subscribers level access

Visual Search = Minitek Wall, all articles, with duplication of category names across sections, not planning on using this unless issue is fixed, so now using Responsive Grid as alternative that works well (I obviously have work to do on the content and images, like 1600 more topics to go and about 100 to fix up or something, but I know that already - LOL)

Visualizing IT Basics = also Wall, but now only IT Basics and thus no issue with duplication

Hope that helps!


Net-ConfigPosted 7 months ago

I forgot to mention another important issue: the Infinite Scroll or any other pagination is not working on my site. I am not seeing JS errors, so not sure what the deal is.

That made me also move to Responsive Grid for Articles which loads all topics. With future server caching (not active now) and browser caching, etc, I figure this is also doable in terms of performance for users..

Any ideas though on why paginatoin is an issue??  

MinitekPosted 7 months agoModerator

1. About the duplicate category names, it's not possible to merge names since the custom category ordering has been implemented in the component.

Each category is now a separate entity and has a unique ID which is used to identify the category when applying the ordering.

2. About the pagination issue, I can't replicate this on my end. Please make sure that the website cache has been cleared and that you are not using old template overrides for the component. If you are using a template override, discard it and create a new one from the latest files.