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Issues after J3 to J4 upgrade

R DekkerPosted 5 months agoEdited 5 months ago
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I migrated a website from J3 to J4, I waited so long because I hoped for a J4 version of K2.

Now J3 support has ended I decided to migrate.

Because there is no J4 K2 I changed the use of Minnitek from K2 to Joomla articles.

I created a widget which I call via menu-item xyz, and the first 12 items are loaded and shown.

When I press the arrow for the  next items, nothing happens, only the small arrow becomes a spinning wheel.

I have no clue why Minitek doesn't want to load the next items


Update  Sep 26.

Changed the template to Cassiopeia and back to Rockettheme and the article scroll works as it should be. Have no clue why it works now.

Have no idea whats going on, again nothing happens when pressing the next page arrow. 

So I changed the template again to Cassiopeia and back to Rockettheme and next page is working again.

Perhaps I found the root cause. The original site is running with another provider than the test site, it looks like it is/was a certificate issue after the restore.

Test it for some days to see  if the problem really disapeard..


K.R. Ron



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MinitekPosted 5 months agoModerator

Ok, let me know if the problem persists and I'll have a look.