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Last set of articles not shown in MTWP

R DekkerPosted 4 months agoEdited 4 months ago
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At my site (J4 test-site) I have the next strange behavior.

I show pages with 12 news Minitek Wall Pro items, when pushing the next arrow it goes fine until the last items.

In my case 3 items are left but those are not shown, instead of it the right arrow becomes a spinning wheel, which keeps spinning.

When I add 9 items (in total 12) they are shown. I still have a next arrow and when pressing it (when there are no items left) is becomes again a spinning wheel.

Is this a bug?




1 answer

R DekkerPosted 4 months ago

The article archive went back to 2014, after removing the items from 2016 and earlier, and cleaning up some content in some 2017/2018 articles MWP is working as it should be. The last set contains less than 12 items and they are now nicely shown, also the next button works fine. closed.....