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Minitek Wall Content Plugin for VirtueMart 4 (VM 4.x)

mediaDESIGN St. KraftPosted 8 months ago
Minitek Wall Pro - Professional Subscription

A few days ago I renewed my MiniTek-Wall license to be able to continue using it in my project and to be able to convert the project to J4 and VM4 with an acute version. I'm sure you know that there is not much time left for this. 
Now I have to read that there is no content plugin for VM4 from MT-Wall yet. In forum post I read in a post of you from 5 months ago that you are struggling with this. It may even be that there will never be a content plugin for VM from you.
I can not wait! I need a solution. 
Can we talk about whether I should do this programming for the VM content plugin? Please send me a short term mail, how you think about it.  I could provide you with the plugin or I could offer it through my own distribution channel. But I have to refinance the effort somehow.


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MinitekPosted 8 months agoModerator

Hi there,

We have abandoned all plans to create a plugin for Virtuemart.

Unfortunately Virtuemart in its current state is a mess and we will not be supporting it further.

You can create a content plugin for Virtuemart if you want, and you can distribute it via your own channels.