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Minitek Wall first test with spinning wheel !?

TW van UrkPosted 6 months agoEdited 6 months ago
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I try a first test with Minitek Wall.

I have installed the component and all necessary plugins.
I have created a test widget
I have added a new menu option to try Minitek Wall

Unfortunately I don't see a Wall but only a spinning wheel. This does not disappear even after a long wait.

After that:

I have checked for javascript errors
I have cleared the (Joomla) cach

Unfortunately still no result :-|

What could be wrong? Is there an installation/initialization problem somewhere?

TW van Urk


4 answers

TW van UrkPosted 6 months agoEdited 6 months ago

I've already done some testing. It could be that the smart search plugin is not working properly!?
I will also submit that problem to the creators of the template.

MinitekPosted 6 months agoModerator

Hi there,

This sounds like a JavaScript error. Is a there a way to put the website online so that I can investigate more?

MinitekPosted 6 months agoEdited 6 months agoModerator

Do you have the same issue if you revert back to the default Joomla template (Cassiopeia)?

TW van UrkPosted 6 months agoEdited 6 months ago

Hi, unfortunally, I cannot give you access to my testsite. It is a local site with Xampp.

But I have now installed Minitek Wall in a hidden menu at my production site with my old template . Every works fine there !

So I think I should focus on my new template (Joomlart - JABlockk) in my test and development environment.