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Sorting items by the Modified Date does not appear to work

Net-ConfigPosted 5 months ago
Joomla! Extensions - Professional Subscription

Hi there, I want to be able to SHOW and SORT item based on their Modified date.

In the widget, when I set the Date Range Field to Modified Date and Date display to Show for the page format I am using, the Modified Date does display in the item information as expected. 

However, when I then use the Date Sort functions, the items are sorted by Created Date and not the Modified Date.

The Modified Date is still displayed as expected, but clearly the sort order is on Created Date.

IMO, being able to accurately sort from "old to new" and "new to old" based on Modified Date is an important capability.

Just like you recently were able to remove the Duplicate Categories in the Filters, I hope you can also improve this so it works as expected!!


BTW, the same issue is present in the Responsive Grid module for this aspect - hope you can fix that also as I'm still planning to use the Grid as a "public / basics option" and the Minitek Wall module for subscribers with more features turned on.

Look forward to your response - thanks! 


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MinitekPosted 5 months agoModerator

You're welcome! :)

Thank you for reporting the issues.

I'll fix this in the Responsive Grid module too next week.

Net-ConfigPosted 5 months ago

Hi there, I am IMPRESSED AGAIN. Not only are your Joomla extensions super useful, flexible and powerful, you also fix any reported issues very quickly.

Thanks much for enabling your users to confidently build sites with your extensions!

Have a great day.

MinitekPosted 5 months agoModerator


Sure, I'll add this in next update.