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Widget disappears when htaccess file renamed .htaccess

Mike WaxmanPosted 6 months agoEdited 6 months ago
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I've installed the Minitek Wall Pro component on a new Joomla 4 website and initially it worked great. However, when I try to enable SEF URL's the widget I've created disappears from the page (on the front end). I don't actually need to enable 'SEF URL's' and 'Use URL Rewriting' for this to happen, I just need to rename the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess ad the widget disappears. 

I think there is an issue / js conflict with this file:

This code is not working properly:

this code is not working properly : window.Mwall = {

        initialise: (options, id, count, source, path, elements, itemid) =>

            new Mwall(options, id, count, source, path, elements, itemid),


})(document, Joomla);

Your help would be appreciated!


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Mike WaxmanPosted 6 months ago


Actually, I have discovered that I have a wider issue. It seems that if I hard refresh after renaming the htaccess file .htaccess the Joomla admin area breaks (the CSS breaks). I don't know if this problem is related the widget not displaying on the front end, but it might save you some time? I have just tried installing a completely clean Joomla 4 site on the same GoDaddy host environment and that has the same problem, so I guess I have a Joomla / GoDaddy issue?

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.


Mike WaxmanPosted 6 months ago


I have managed to fix this now. Just in case it helps anyone else, it appears that the GoDaddy server I'm using is already gzipping css and js files, so I don't need the GZIP section in the htaccess file (at the bottom of the file). I have commented out the GZIP section and the site is working properly now (both front end and backend).


MinitekPosted 6 months agoModerator

Hi there,

Thank you for the info. Let me know if you have any other issue.