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Duplicate the module?

Patrick GaulinPosted 8 months ago

I did a portfolio with responsive grid for articles and it's work with the tag. I used the tags because we cant have more than 1 categories. The problem if I need to do other module on my website and other module doesnt work. I duplicate the module to give other assignation to him but it"s still only take the tag of my portfolio. In my 2nd module that I duplicate I try to exclude the tag I dont want but still have the same result that my 1st module. It is possible to have more than 1 module to work with the same catégories or I need a plugin to have more than one categories?


I would like to choose which pictures I put depends of the Tags. If it's the Tags logo I would like to put the picture of the logo and if its the tags Site web I would like to put the mockup of the site web. Which way I can decide which picture I want to put on the module?


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MinitekPosted 7 months agoEdited 7 months agoModerator

Hi there,

I'm sorry but I don't understand what the problem is. Please send me a link to the 2nd module and describe what the problem is with the 2nd module.