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Patrick GaulinPosted 1 year ago

It is possible to put a menu item on one module of responsive grid for articles.? I would like to have more than a module of responsive grid. I would like to put different pictures of the product depend of which categories or tag i used. Ex: If im on logo tag I would like the logo for pictures but if i'm on website tag I want to use my mockup of the website! It is something I can do with the plugin? I will need a couple of module responsive grid for articles in our website. It is something I can do? 


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MinitekPosted 1 year agoEdited 1 year agoModerator

Hi there,

You can do the following:

1. Create a RGA module and enter the position rga-1 in the field Position. For the next RGA module that you create, enter the position rga-2. Do the same for all modules (rga-3, rga-4, ...). Assign the modules to all pages.

2. Go to System > Manage > Plugins and enable the plugin Content - Load Modules.

3. Create a Joomla article for each module with the same title as the module and in the field Article text enter:

4. Create a menu item for each one of those articles.