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no line break in the grid view?

Frank DeubertPosted 3 months agoEdited 3 months ago

in the articles there are line breaks and links to specific pages. 

how can i make the line break visible in the grid view?

can links be made active in the grid view?

is it possible to have special format like coloured text or bolded text in the grid view?


thanks in advance for your answer.


5 answers

MinitekPosted 3 months agoEdited 3 months agoModerator

Hi there,

If you have enabled the module parameter Strip HTML tags, then all html tags will be removed (including line breaks). If you disable the parameter, then html tags will be preserved but the description word limit will not work anymore.

Frank DeubertPosted 3 months ago


and one additional question: the borderline color can be set. is ist possible as well to set a background color for the boxes?

MinitekPosted 3 months agoModerator

You can do this only by adding some custom css. For example:

.regridart.mix-grid .mix {
  background: #eeeeee;
Frank DeubertPosted 3 months ago

custom css - can you please tell me in which css-file the code should be added?

in the side template css or in one of the module css?

MinitekPosted 3 months agoModerator

It would be best to add it at the bottom of the template css file, so that the changes are not lost when you update the module.