#3001 – Position, leave empty? Fix doesn't work anymore

Pamela KiewittPosted 2 years agoEdited 2 years ago
Sorry to bother you again but the fix you made doesn't seem to work anymore, or somehow the category list from the menu gets published under the module? Also I copied it twice and it works well except fot the list showing underneath.
I checked the settings you made and copied them all but still can't get it to work.
Thanks in advance!

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YannisPosted 2 years agoModerator
Hi there,

This is the expected behavior.

The module is inside the category description and the category description will always appear above the category list.
Pamela KiewittPosted 2 years ago
Thanks a lot, should have gotten that.
Is there anyway to have the module replace the category list? To show the module instead of anything else?
Thanks again.
YannisPosted 2 years agoModerator
Yes you can do the following:

1. Change the menu item type from
'Category List' to 'Category Blog'.

2. Select a category.

3. Go to tab 'Category':

- Category description: Show
- Subcategory Levels: None

4. Go to tab 'Blog Layout':

# Leading Articles: 0
# Intro Articles: 0
# Columns: 0
# Links: 0

5. Save the menu item
Pamela KiewittPosted 2 years ago
I can't thank you enough.
Great support!
YannisPosted 2 years agoModerator
You're welcome :)

If it's not much trouble, please consider rating the extension at

It would be very helpful.

Thank you!
YannisPosted 2 years agoModerator
Thank you for the review! I appreciate it.