Problem with Polish names (UTF-8?)

Tomasz FramskiPosted 2 years agoEdited 2 years ago

I use a category filter for categories. I have 3 categories: Wrocław, Poznań, Warszawa. When the filter Warszawa is active and I click on an article, everything is fine. When I click Back in the browser, I come back correctly to the previous site with a grid.
When I have active Poznań or Wrocław filter, also when I click on any article, it's fine. But when I click Back in the browser, I come back to a crashed grid, where filter is not working and there are no articles.
So I assume it's a problem with Polish names, like Poznań and Wrocław.
Can you help me?

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YannisPosted 2 years agoModerator
Hi there,

This should now be fixed in latest version 3.4.6.

Let me know if everything is ok.
Tomasz FramskiPosted 2 years ago
Great, it works! Thank you.
YannisPosted 2 years agoModerator
You're welcome :)