Simon Logan: Questions

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    Include Easyblog "additional" categories Accepted

    At present we can select Easyblog categories as the source but this only pulls items whose MAIN category is a match. It would be great to be able to pull posts who are assigned to…

    37 views  •  Asked 1 month ago  •  by Simon Logan
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    Image effects in Minitek Wall Pro Under review

    Would it be possible to introduce the ability to have some effects applied to the images in Minitek Wall Pro? For example a boxed-in zoom or fade effect - sort of like those on the…

    107 views  •  Asked 1 year ago  •  by Simon Logan
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    Choose link to use Under review

    I'd like there to be an option to choose what link to use on each item (when using Joomla Articles as data source) for when it is clicked on. At the moment each item automatically…

    150 views  •  Asked 1 year ago  •  by Simon Logan

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