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    Bootstrap 4 Under review

    It would be great to update bootstrap version FAQ Book Pro uses to version 4 since stable version of it is out. Plus Joomla 4 will be out this year. Why wait last moment. For…

    19 views  •  Asked 2 weeks ago  •  by Goran
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    Integration of JomSocial comment counter Under review

    JomSocial has comment and article notification plugins developed. It would be great if count of comments can be displayed in module same as date, category etc. https://prnt.sc/grhg6v Thank you!

    64 views  •  Asked 5 months ago  •  by Goran
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    Abillity to change fa fa-folder font awesome icon in topics Accepted

    Hello right now we can set font awesome icons for topics and they are displayed in menu, but in middle of the page FAQ Book uses font awesome fa fa-folder-o icon. It would be great…

    105 views  •  Asked 5 months ago  •  by Goran
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    Integration with JSitemap component Under review

    Hello first and foremost I have to say that you have really great products. I would like to suggest that FAQ Book component get support for indexing with JSitemap Professional component. It would be great…

    73 views  •  Asked 5 months ago  •  by Goran

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