Welcome to our support section!

Please note that in order to create a new public or private ticket you must first log in. Permission to create tickets for commercial extensions and templates is granted only to clients with active subscriptions. Before opening a new ticket please go through the Support policy and Support guidelines sections. Following the support guidelines will greatly speed up the ticket response time.

Free Joomla Extensions

  Response time: within 72 hours

Commercial Joomla Extensions

  Response time: within 24 hours

Commercial Joomla Templates

  Technical support for Joomla templates will be available until April 30, 2019, only for customers that purchased a subscription before April 30, 2018. After April 30, 2019, the service will be discontinued.

Free WordPress Plugins

  Response time: within 72 hours

Commercial WordPress Plugins

  Response time: within 24 hours

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