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Tuesday, 31 October 2017 20:43 EET
 Hi - we just purchased and Installed today - impressive product!

We are needing some help with Configuration....

Have a basic setup using this in a right hand module.... on our own website...

We reviewed instructions... (but cannot figure out these two items)...

1. Layout mode: The module has 2 layout options; Grid or List. With this parameter you can define which layout will be applied.
Layout toggle buttons: These buttons toggle between the two layout modes (Grid & List).

Where do I toggle the layout option? - I am not sure how to change this option - we want to use the list option?

2. Hide the Top Tag Information (the black box with tags) - I don't want to show that module - how do I hide it - again - the documentation shows options that I cannot
see in Joomfolio Module... Filter & Sorting - my module only offers Filters?

Thank you for your attention on this....


Peter Beare
Wednesday, 01 November 2017 17:19 EET
Hi Peter,

1. Layout mode
This parameter does not exist in "Joomfolio for Easyblog". It exists on "Responsive Grid for Easyblog" which is another extension.

I can give you a free subscription for "Responsive Grid for Easyblog" if you want to try that module instead.

2. You are looking at the wrong documentation page (for "Responsive Grid"). The correct documentation is at:

You can disable the tag filters with the parameter:
Tag filters -> Set to "No"
Support Team

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