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Tuesday, 18 July 2017 11:19 EEST
 HI Yannis,

1. Difference between question moderation and answer moderation:

With questions, I set Configuration / Answer Form / Auto-publish answers to "No". The moderator is alerted and unpublished questions are visible to moderators in the front end interface. A moderators questions are automatically published. The questions do not show up in 'pending' (where I'd expect to see them) ... I'm not sure if they are supposed to but they are otherwise visible in the topic.

If I set Configuration / Answer Form / Auto-publish answers to "No" even with the user has "answer" and "answer own" permissions set to Allowed, unpublished answers are not visible to moderators in the front end interface as they are in the questions. Even a moderators answers are automatically unpublished also and not even visible to themselves on the front end. Alerts are still sent to moderators, but they are only visible and have to be published through the admin interface, not front end login.

Are you aware of this behaviour? If yes, what's the reason for the difference? The query is due to the fact that we may want to appoint moderators but would not want to give them access to the Admin interface.

2. The hover text on create permissions says "Section / Topic or Question" but it looks like the users can only create questions ... is this correct? Maybe only questions can be created from the front end anyway ? If yes, this is not a problem.

3. The private question checkbox is not appearing. It looks to be enabled everywhere ... not even appearing for moderator / admin.

There are no errors on the site.

Any help appreciated.


Tuesday, 18 July 2017 16:15 EEST
1. New questions that are not answered yet will always appear as 'Open'.

The 'Pending' questions are questions that are answered by an admin but the question author has not replied to the answer yet (author reply pending).

You are totally right about the unpublished answers visibility in the front-end.
It is not possible yet to manage unpublished answers but this feature will be added in the next version.

2. Yes, this is correct. You can only create questions in the front-end.
The permission says 'Section / Topic or Question' because this permission controls the ability to create any type of content in the back-end.

3. For the public/private selector to appear you must:
a. Enable the private questions in the topic options >Questions visibility
b. Enable the 'Create private' permission in the topic for the specific user group.
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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 02:50 EEST
Thanks Yannis ... understood.

The front-end answer moderation in the next version would be great.

Best Regards,

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