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Thursday, 05 October 2017 21:00 EEST
This is my third question today, sorry :(
I have 3 topics inside a parent topic. And one of them, the last one, is shown with bigger indent than the rest.
Ive checked the HTML output, and is nested inside an <i> tag, while the others dont.
Ive checked if this topic have different configuration, but it looks like they are all the same.
You can check here
As you can see the left menu, the last option "Controlador 1 Servo RF" is not in line with the others...
Thanks for your help!
Martin Andersen
Minitek FAQ Book Pro - Professional Subscription
Thursday, 05 October 2017 23:10 EEST
Hi Martin,

This is a bug in the latest version where we added the option to insert icons for each topic.

It seems that an indent is added even if there is no icon selected for a topic. I will fix that in next version.

For the moment, you can fix this temporarily in the file

In line 173 & 194, replace

if (isset($topicParams->topic_icon_class))
  $output .= '<i class="NavLeftUL_topicIcon fa fa-'.$topicParams->topic_icon_class.'"></i>';


if (isset($topicParams->topic_icon_class) && $topicParams->topic_icon_class)
  $output .= '<i class="NavLeftUL_topicIcon fa fa-'.$topicParams->topic_icon_class.'"></i>';

Support Team
Friday, 06 October 2017 14:16 EEST
That made the trick.
Thank you!
Martin Andersen
Minitek FAQ Book Pro - Professional Subscription
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