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Thursday, 06 September 2018 02:16 EEST
 El módulo Minitek Live Search funciona perfectamente salvo en RESPONSIVE, pues según escribes la búsqueda no aparece el resultado abajo , no lo entiendo.
Minitek Wall Pro - Professional Subscription
Thursday, 06 September 2018 02:18 EEST
I put it in English:
The Minitek Live Search module works perfectly except RESPONSIVE, because as you write the search the result does not appear below, I do not understand it.
Minitek Wall Pro - Professional Subscription
Thursday, 06 September 2018 16:37 EEST
Hi there,

This happens because you have inserted 2 instances of the same module with the same ID in your page.

One inside the div uk-visible@l for large screens
and another one inside the div uk-hidden@l for mobile screens.

I don't know how exactly you did this but the module can't work like this.

Only 1 instance of a specific module must be present in a page.

If you want to display 2 instances, you must make sure that they have different IDs (that they are different modules).
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