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Friday, 23 February 2018 15:02 EET
Hi, we have the same issue as ticket #2666. Can you please ask Luciano Mattarelli what PHP libraries he changed. We have determined that if we roll PHP back from 5.6.33 to 5.5.38 the Minitek Smart Search 1.0.8 works correctly. It also works correctly with PHP version 5.6.29. We would like to remain at 5.6.33 as it is a security patch. We have also noticed that if we place a double quote on the end of the search eg like this example in brackets (arise") then the search results display correctly. Thank you.
Robert Halas
Friday, 23 February 2018 15:49 EET
Hi there,

I have contacted the other user and requested info on php specifications.

However, I would highly suggest that you updated to php 7.x
as 5.6 is no longer actively supported and will stop receiving security updates by the end of 2018.
Support Team

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Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:16 EET
Thank you Yannis, appreciate your efforts. We would like to go to 7 but are limited at the moment by hosting. We will create a local dev version and see how that goes. However would like your opionion on the other item we mentioned in our diagnosis. That we can use any of the following at the end of the word and it works correctly /";:|\-=_'(*+~!@#$%^&?> However these few fail ,.)< We have attached a pick containing screen shots of the fail and the success. From the pick you can see it says it is showing 1-5 yet only shows in this case 2 and that the page buttons are also missing. Once we add one of the special chars, the correct display happens.
Robert Halas
Saturday, 24 February 2018 02:22 EET
Hi Yannis, Have found that the hosting can provide a 7.0.27 PHP. Went over to that and get the same results display issue and the same add a special character and it works. We have also tried with default Joomla Protostar template with no success and upgraded Joomla to 3.8.5 unfortunately also no success. regards Rob
Robert Halas
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