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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 06:06 EEST
Hi there,

my subscription just ran out, and I consider to renew it.

However, there is a problem with my current Minitek Wall Pro 3.5.9 which I have not been able to sort out. And from the latest changelog I see that the issue has not been addressed so far.

I want to have 6 K2-items in a row. In order to achieve this, I entered

- 6 in the column field of the general layout settings.
- 6 for both, start limit and page limit (on the pagination tab).
- 6 in the medium screen settings (responsive tab).

But, instead of 6 items in row, Minitek Wall Pro displays only 5 items in a row, while the 6. goes to the row below.

Investigated this behaviour further and found out, that this behaviour also appears when entering any other number for columns.

For example, if telling Minitek Wall Pro to make 7 items in a row, it makes 6 out of it and takes the last one to the next line.

Or the other way around, when entering 5 columns, Minitek Wall Pro makes 4 out of it, and again takes the last one to the next line.

I guess this is not the way it is meant to work.

Randolph Preisinger-Kleine
Wednesday, 29 June 2016 15:32 EEST
Hi Randolph,

Please update to version 3.5.11.

This should be now fixed.
Support Team
Thursday, 30 June 2016 07:39 EEST
hi Yannis,

3.5.11 works great in Chrome and Opera, but shows some difficulties in Firefox.

I have 2 Minitek Wall Pro widgets activated on frontpage. One for most popular K2 items, the other one for latest K2 items. But, in Firefox only the first of these widgets works correctly with 6 columns.

The second widget displays one proper row (with 6 columns), but again, takes the last K2-item of each following row to the next line.

Cleared widget cache, Joomla cache, Browser cache. But none of this helped.


Randolph Preisinger-Kleine
Thursday, 30 June 2016 14:37 EEST
Hi Yannis,

I just realized that this happens not only in Firefox, but also in Chrome and Opera. After update to 3.5.11 each first row of K2 items now is displayed in accordance with the settings (6 columns). But, the following rows show only 5 columns. Every sixth item - like before - is forwarded to the next row, which looks quite ugly.

In order to avoid this annoying effect there's no choice other than

- configuring Minitek Wall Pro to only show 1 row,
- and to de-activate the "load more" button (found that also this ends up with 5+1)


Randolph Preisinger-Kleine
Thursday, 30 June 2016 16:11 EEST
Hi Randolph,

This will happen if you have a fluid width in your website and not a fixed one (container-fluid).

The Columns layout in Minitek Wall divides the available full width by the number of columns.
Since the width is not fixed but depends on the user screen, for some screen sizes the columns division will not be perfect and the items will not fit.

I will investigate more on this matter and try to find a permanent solution for future versions.
Support Team
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