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Wednesday, 28 December 2016 04:53 EET

A small issue with: data-title
If I am using quot in the article title, for example: "minitek" wall extention, that creates a validation issue with the data- title.
			<?php echo $catfilter; ?>
			<?php echo $locationfilter; ?>
			<?php echo $tagfilter; ?>
			<?php echo $datefilter; ?>
			<?php echo $this->hoverEffectClass; ?>" 
			style="padding:<?php echo (int)$this->gutter; ?>px;"
			data-title="<?php echo strtolower($item->itemTitleRaw); ?>"
			<?php if (isset($item->itemCategoryRaw)) { ?>
				data-category="<?php echo strtolower($this->utilities->cleanName($item->itemCategoryRaw)); ?>"
			<?php } ?>
			<?php if (isset($item->itemCategoriesRaw)) { ?>
				data-category="<?php echo strtolower($item->itemCategories); ?>"
			<?php } ?>
			<?php if (isset($item->itemLocationRaw)) { ?>
				data-location="<?php echo strtolower($this->utilities->cleanName($item->itemLocationRaw)); ?>"
			<?php } ?>
			<?php if (isset($item->itemAuthorRaw)) { ?>
				data-author="<?php echo strtolower($item->itemAuthorRaw); ?>"
			<?php } ?>
			<?php if (isset($item->itemAuthorsRaw)) { ?>
				data-author="<?php echo strtolower($item->itemAuthors); ?>"
			<?php } ?>
			<?php if (isset($item->itemDateRaw)) { ?>
				data-date="<?php echo $item->itemDateRaw; ?>"
			<?php } ?>
Ran Elkobi
Wednesday, 28 December 2016 17:24 EET
Hi Ran,

Thank you for the feedback. I have fixed that in version 3.6.10.
Support Team
Wednesday, 28 December 2016 19:24 EET

Thanks a lot Yannis and an early Happy New Year.

Ran Elkobi
Wednesday, 28 December 2016 20:04 EET
You're welcome Ran.

Happy New Year to you too!
Support Team
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