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Thursday, 08 June 2017 00:04 EEST
 Hello Support,

I am using Articles Grid 3.3.8. When I see the page in Internet Explorer 11.0 there is no space between the immages and when I see the same page in Google Chrome there is a space between the immages.

The Module is placed in a article on the page.

Also the module is in Internet Explorer not 100% wide and in Chrome the Module is 100% Wide .

To give you extra information about the problem You can see it at the youtube movie of the screen which I made to show you what I mean. Your text to link here...

Hopefully you can help me.

With kind reguards,

Mattijs Franken
Mattijs Franken
Joomla! Extensions - Professional Subscription
Saturday, 10 June 2017 17:02 EEST
Hi Mattijs,

Internet explorer is still causing problems in 2017. Microsoft will never learn. :)

I have never installed IE 11 in my computer as it has a very low market share (~2% and dropping).

I will try to install it next week and see what it wrong. I will let you know asap.
Support Team

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