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Friday, 06 April 2018 11:19 EEST
Love the responsive Slider and Scroller for K2. I want to let the server push new content for the modules when necessary. I'm using websockets and jquery to do this (not active right now - have to solve this problem first). Works fine, except that the slider images show in full size after a pushed module refresh, so it breaks my layout. Would be good if I could call one jquery callback function to recalculate the module after each pushed refresh (or even before I replace it in the DOM). Problem is, it looks like there is no function for this, only explicit javascript in the page header, so I'd have to force a ready() event by reloading the complete html. I did try that option, but the images are still too large after that.

Any ideas for how to solve this? Would make the modules pretty much perfect...
jeroen playak
Friday, 06 April 2018 16:43 EEST
Hi there,

This can be easily done for the Responsive Scroller, the owl carousel library has some cool callbacks and methods that you can use:

However, the Slider library is a bit old and unfortunately it does not have any similar methods.
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