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Sunday, 14 August 2016 14:50 EEST

For some reason, we're not able to make the html template override working :(
We have tried modifying and copying the file mod_responsive_scroller_for_virtuemart to the following locations, without any luck:


/template/t3_bs3_blank/local/html/mod_responsive_scroller_for_virtuemart (T3 local style override directory)
/template/t3_bs3_blank/local/html/mod_responsive_scroller_for_virtuemart/tmpl (T3 local style override directory)

Can you help us?

Also - even if you don't provide any customization support, could you let us know if it would be possible to have the module display the "before"price in the case where there is a configured a discount on the product? Would be a nice feature to be able to display discounted products and their price befor the discount. Maybe even a "You save xx" text.

Kind regards,
Henrik Holm Nielsen
2nd Level Webdesign
Henrik Holm Nielsen
Monday, 15 August 2016 15:41 EEST
Hi Henrik,

To create a template override for the module, you must copy all the files of the folder

- default.php
- default_caption.php
- default_light.php
- default_minimal.php
- default_modern.php
- default_retro_light.php
- default_retro_dark.php



Then you must edit the file that corresponds to your selected theme.

You can show the original price with this code:

if ($item->prices['override'])
  echo $currency->createPriceDiv('basePrice', '', $item->prices);

Support Team
Monday, 15 August 2016 16:18 EEST
Hi Yannis,

Thanx for your response.

Last thing first - the code for the original price, works perfectly! Thanx for this!!

But the html overrides, does not take effect, even though I do have alle the files placed as you mention above (see attachment). It seems they are completely ignored...?

Henrik Holm Nielsen
Monday, 15 August 2016 16:20 EEST
Sorry - there was a problem with upload of screenshot - trying one more time...
Henrik Holm Nielsen
Tuesday, 16 August 2016 15:09 EEST
Please send me FTP access so that I can look into this.
Support Team
Tuesday, 16 August 2016 15:45 EEST
User: minitek
Pwd: Minitek2016

Thanx for taking the time!
Henrik Holm Nielsen
Wednesday, 17 August 2016 19:54 EEST
Hi Henrik

I don't see anything wrong with the override.

Please note that if the template overrides have the same name as the default files,
then at the backend of the module you will not see a second template option, but the override will work.

If you change the name of the override files, eg:

- override1.php
- override1_caption.php
- override1_light.php
- override1_minimal.php
- override1_modern.php
- override1_retro_light.php
- override1_retro_dark.php

then you will see the option 'Override1' in the backend of the module.
Support Team
Monday, 22 August 2016 12:58 EEST
OK - I got it now....

I created a set of overridefiles, as mentioned above.
But also, of course I had to edit the override1.php which was copied from your original default.php, to reflect the location of the overridefiles in html override directory under the template. So now the correct override files are being loaded.

Thanx for your help!

Henrik Holm Nielsen
Monday, 22 August 2016 15:03 EEST
You're welcome Henrik.

Let me know if you need more help.
Support Team
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