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Monday, 06 March 2017 21:06 EET
Hello good afternoon,

I am try solve a error in my site with minitek and can not fix it.
The minitek articles is open in a template wrong. I need that the minitek articles open in their original template menu.

Minitek is call in a Item of menu call "Turism" and has its default template "Helix3 Turism". Minitek open in a right template menu "Turism", but when click in articles, all articles is open in home template (home is not my default template)

I dont know what happen, can you help me please.

I ll be very grateful
thanks so much
Tuesday, 07 March 2017 14:35 EET
Dear, thanks so much for your attention, in this moment i can fix my error! :)

the menu turismo call a minitek and not a blog category. I do a hidden menu call category turism and it waork very well

thanks so much
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