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Need to be able to PRINT a FAQ, and need to be able to SEARCH for terms in the FAQ section

Gary SandePosted 2 years ago


I currently use FAQ Book (free version) using the latest 3.9.x Joomla, and it meets most of my needs, but I need to add two requirements - the ability to PRINT a FAQ article, and the ability to SEARCH for terms within published FAQ articles.

I do not really need much more than that, but those are two key functions that would make the FAQ Book more usable and functional.

Would FAQ BOOK PRO provide both these functions? Is that the only way to accomplish both of these requirements? I would prefer to not purchase the Pro version, but I do need to Search and to Print from the FAQ Book content.




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MinitekPosted 2 years agoEdited 2 years agoModerator

Hi there,

There is no option to print a faq in the Pro version.

The Pro version includes smart search plugins that index all terms within faq items. You can use the default Joomla Smart Search component or you can use Minitek Smart Search (sold separately) for more advanced search features.