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Operational pre-use questions

Robin DuckettPosted 4 years agoEdited 4 years ago




I’ve uploaded the free version of Minitek Wall, to try and learn it and see if it will be good for a new project purpose. It looks very hopeful.




I have some questions:


  1. Can the filter/sort options be turned off or reduced in the wall display?
  2. Can a wall have a combination of different source types (e.g. Joomla Article, Easyblog, picture?)
  3. I made a quick test wall (with a hidden menu) using a selection of Joomla articles. It does not inject any photos from articles. Is this to be expected?
  4. Can a wall in Menu view have introductory text?
  5. If the answer to the above is ‘no’, then I deduce that the solution would be to create an Article with the desired text, then insert the Wall via {loadposition}. Is this right? I have tried this in an article, following the instructions,  but the wall isn’t showing. (The minitek module widget was created and enabled, and associated with the test Menu item, and also the loadposition module was enabled.) Any ideas as to the error?




I look forward to using it. We use Easyblog, so we may well use that for the source material, especially if your answer to question 2 is ‘no.’




All the best, Robin Duckett

 (Ps It took me 3 goes to realise I had to log in before posting a question! That need wasn't clear on the Forum page.)



5 answers

MinitekPosted 4 years agoModerator

Hi Robin,

1. Yes, you can turn off filters and sortings.

2. No, you can only have 1 source type at a time.

3. Your articles don't have any images, so the Wall does not show images.

4. No.

5. Yes, this is correct. Have you entered the shortcode correctly?

{loadposition xx}

where xx is the name of the position.

Robin DuckettPosted 4 years ago

Thanks Yannis, I'm getting there.

All very helpful, thanks.

  1. I found the off buttons.
  2. OK.
  3. I discovered the 'inline' image option in DataSource/ImageType made the images appear. (There Were images in some Articles.)
  4. OK.
  5. I found the error in the {loadposition} option  - I had enabled the module widget, but not the module function itself. I've now made two test pages - one a Menu, one an Article with module. and . I can't yet see the images appearing in the loadposition version. This could be a caching problem  my end.
  6. New question: the individual 'wall' intros aren't creating a link to the source page when I click on it. Is there something crucial I should switch on?
  7. New question2: Can I make a particular item 'sticky' i.e. ensure it always is in the same place, even if more items are added?
  8. New question3: do you have live examples of sites where Easyblog is used as the source?

Thanks, Robin



MinitekPosted 4 years agoModerator

This category is for pre-sales questions only. I will happily answer any pre-sales questions, but for technical support you must open a support ticket here.

MinitekPosted 4 years agoModerator

7. No, this is not possible.

8. The demo of the extension is built with Joomla and K2 articles. It's exactly the same with Easyblog articles though.

Robin DuckettPosted 4 years ago

Thanks a lot Yannis. This gives me a great indication as to how I can use the component. I guess various technical issues /uncertainties you can answer once I've installed the Pro version.

Thanks for your good  introductory advice.

cheers, Robin