Cant seem to make my questions visible in the front end when I click

Indrit SulajPosted 4 weeks ago
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Hi, I installed FAQ book pro in a new site of mine and I cant seem to figure out what am I doing wrong with being able to see my questions.  I built, section, topics, and added a few questions. when I go in the front page and click on the topic I dont see the questions


Thanks, Indrit


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MinitekPosted 3 weeks agoModerator

Hi there,

Login info does not work.

Indrit SulajPosted 3 weeks ago

Please try again. I tested myself and i was able to login. I found out the issue. I had to publish menu for each section and than everything worked. 


The problem I am facing now is that Minitech Live Search is NOT working. Not sure why.  It did work initially.


Thanks, Indrit

MinitekPosted 2 weeks agoModerator

For each section in the back-end, make sure that you have set the parameter:

Section > Options > Section Questions > Show Questions

You can choose to show all questions, or only questions from a specific topic.