No Images in a new FAQ Question and link gives 404

Walter WoodPosted 1 year agoEdited 1 year ago
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I created a new questions yesterday and added some images to it. The images are present in the correct folder but they are not displaying. When I view the question in the Editor, the images are OK. All the images in the other questions display as expected. I have cleared the cache and used multiple browsers with no change.

Also, when I click on Permalink for this questions I get 404 You are not allowed to access this page directly.

The FAQ question is  "Why weren’t all of my tables were converted when I upgraded to Enviro Data Version 8?" and it is the last one under this topic after clicking Load More.

I am sure this is something simple but I cannot seem to find the problem.

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MinitekPosted 1 year agoEdited 1 year agoModerator
Hi there,

In the images src attribute,
add a leading slash.

For example, instead of

use instead