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Can Live Search NOT search through sub categories? Feature request

Net-ConfigPosted 7 months ago
Joomla! Extensions - Professional Subscription

Hi there, I have finally and with a LOT of hassle managed to transition to Joomla 4, for a variety of reasons but including the presumed improved Search features. As a loyal subscriber, I of course immediately installed the J4 Live Search software in hopes of having some fun.

Well, instead I am again frustrated about the wrestling match that is involved here, as I miss the pure simplicity of the old J3 Ajax Live Search....... But more to the point, it appears that the new Live Search does NOT include searches in subcategories????

I have an elaborate hierarchy of 5 sections of articles that each have a unique Master Category name - which are Function Layers, Tech Jobs, IT Basics, IT Terms and IT Tools.

Within each, there is the same structure of another 5 subcategories of which 1 currently has 11 more subcategories. Each structure ALSO has the same naming conventions.

In other words, ONLY the top level category has a unique name, the rest is copied cover so there is a consistent navigation structure across different topic sections.

I use a Category menu to display where the articles are published.


So I need to have a search function that goes across all this, which Minitek Live Search for J4 does when I select no filters or filter groups. However, when I try to use a Filter for IT Basics topics, it seems to ONLY look in that one category and NOT the associated subcategories.....


Can you please provide insight on whether this is accurate or if I am somehow doing something wrong? If there is no subcategory searching, then this extension is not usable for me.......

Please advise!

Thanks much



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MinitekPosted 7 months agoModerator

Hi there,

What you are describing is accurate. But actually it's not the component's fault.

The problem is caused by the fact that the Joomla plugin Smart Search - Content does not create taxonomy maps for parent categories but it only creates a single map for the immediate parent category only.

There are is a workaround where you can create a different filter for each section but it would be best if you let me showcase this to you directly in your website instead of just explain it.

Net-ConfigPosted 7 months ago

Hi, thanks for the prompt response as always - much appreciated. It is unfortunate that the Joomla folks don't seem to understand what a handicap this can be.... 


My workaround is to use EB Ajax Search, which is similar to your J3 Minitek Live Search, which I wish would still be availabe in J4...... Any option to bring that back and call it Minitek Simple Search or something? That extension worked so well, for what it did. Anyhow, EB Ajax Search does allow for an easy selection of a number of categories and it works fine for the IT Basics section search, and its subcategories.

I then have your J4 Live Search set to search through all articles and it is visible only to Subscribers. It is still a very nice update to have the AJAX live response part combined with the highlight search terms function, all in one extension.....

So unless something changes with Smart Search, this will do. The only downside is that I now am using yet another extension and would have preferred to concentrate all Search functionality with your business!!

Thanks for all the good software you make; it is appreciated!!            

MinitekPosted 7 months agoModerator

I will try to create a custom version of the Smart Search - Content plugin that takes parent categories into account, and hopefully the Joomla developers will include it in one of next versions of Joomla.

Net-ConfigPosted 7 months ago

That would be terrific.

Net-ConfigPosted 6 months ago

Hi there, I would like to check in on the custom version for the Smart Search plugin you mentioned. I realize it is not that long ago that we talked about it, but are there any insights you can share about feasibility, timeline, etc?


Any information is appreciated!

MinitekPosted 6 months agoModerator

Hi there,

Unfortunately I can't give any estimate about future updates.